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When you need any work done on the electrical system in your house, you should contact a residential electrician such as Razo Electric. Our team of electricians has a high level of expertise and years of experience. We’re prepared to tackle any job, regardless of its size or scope. If you want assistance with your electrical system, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will determine the best way to assist you.

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Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Any electrical repair you need may be taken care of by us. Whether it’s a straightforward repair, a challenging project, a new installation, or routine maintenance, you can count on our experts to do the work to a high standard. In addition to upgrading your electrical system, we can install or repair outlets. Pick our electrical service right now.
Electrical Panel Upgrade

Electrical Panel Upgrade

You can always rely on our trained experts for help if you need an electrical panel replacement or upgrade. We will install a high-quality electrical panel that will provide your home with energy continuously. You won’t have to be concerned about flickering lights or other similar problems any more thanks to the assistance of our electrician.


Your safety may be improved, your system’s capacity can be increased, circuits can be separated, etc., by rewiring your property. If you want to take advantage of the advantages of a modern electrical system, book our rewiring services. No project is too large or little for us. We can customize our solutions to fit your particular budget.

Always Rely On Experts For Flawless Results

Doing electrical work is difficult. Electricity is a powerful force that should be respected. Careless installations or maintenance may cause catastrophic damage. Additionally, shoddy fixture connections and maintenance may raise your electrical costs and potentially cause short circuits. Your best option is to get professional aid if you want to secure the safety of your home. Choosing Razo Electric is always a wise decision if you need expert electrical installation and maintenance services for your house.

Our Values

You’ll be blown away by our local electrical service provider. Since 2004, we have stayed dedicated to ensuring client pleasure while upholding our strict standards for quality. Additionally, we strive to maintain a perfect price-performance ratio since we think all consumers in the San Bernardino, CA area should have access to high-quality electrical services. We are happy to serve residential clients, so get in touch with us now.

Make an appointment with your reliable electrical contractor for an electrical panel cover replacement, basic house wiring, orĀ other top-notch services! For every customer in San Bernardino, CA, our business is always focused on delivering excellent outcomes. Call us right away!

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I was searching for a company that can assist me with an electrical panel upgrade since I was experiencing issues with my electrical panel. I discovered this company and they performed a fantastic job. My electrical panel is up to date and I can now enjoy my home's electrical system without any problems.

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